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We Ship Across Canada! | Prices Listed in $CAD
We Ship Across Canada! | Prices Listed in $CAD
Stop! Your Salon and Spa Electric Equipment Needs to be Certified!

Stop! Your Salon and Spa Electric Equipment Needs to be Certified!

Before buying any electric equipment, please read the following! 

All electronic Salon Equipments for use in Canada needs to be approved and certified by an accredited certification agency, prior to being used in your commercial setting. This is often something that takes many new owners by surprise.

For example, you may go into the market and buy many dryers for your new salon. But then, you don’t pass your salon inspection to get a permit, all because you did not know that your equipment needs to be approved and certified.

Unfortunately, many companies in Canada and North America sell electronic equipment that do not have any electronic certifications, this is a hazard to your salon, and most importantly, your clients.

All electronic equipment you use should be certified. This includes everything from hair dryers, hair steamers, clippers, to even the LED lights on your mirrors, and much more.

That’s why you need to always check into the products before buying:

Ask yourself and the company you are buying from the following information:

  • Is this product certified to be used in Canada? (You can find a list of certified sources here)
  • Is the certification genuine?
  • Is the certification recognized in your city/municipality?

These few questions will help you sort through the market and help you buy electronic equipment, knowing that the product is safe to use in Canada, and won’t cause you any issues!

You may find a great list of approved certification marks on the ESA website here.

These marks will ensure that your Salon, Spa, or Barber Shop are following ordinances and ensure your safety.

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