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We Ship Across Canada! | Prices Listed in $CAD
2022 Salon Shampoo Units and Chair Trends Forecast

2022 Salon Shampoo Units and Chair Trends Forecast

Shampooing is an essential part of any beauty salon experience. In fact, most customers actually love the shampoo portion of their visit to your salon the most, as it can be a relaxing and cleansing experience, that is, if you have the right shampooing equipment. 

Often, many salons have basic shampoo sinks and chair units, and while it may have cut it in the past, new advances in Hair Wash Units mean that your competitors with nicer, newer shampoo chairs are winning over your hard-earned clients! 

So, what are the latest trends in salon Shampoo Units? Let’s take a look!

Arm Chair Style Shampoo Unit:

Taking cues from traditional arm chairs, this style is showing up in many salons. These chairs add a sense of familiarity, while still projecting a modern vibe.

 Shampooing Hair Wash Chair

Chelsea Shampoo Unit

Take our Chelsea Shampoo unit as an example. This Hair Wash Chair features a modern take on the arm chair, with relaxed linear stitching.

Leg Rest Shampoo Chairs:

A nice feature showing up in high-end salons currently is shampoo chairs with leg rest. This simple feature adds a ton of comfort and allows you to keep your client in the chair for longer periods of time without them getting fatigued. More and more chairs now have these leg rests built-in, as opposed to older styles which required a bulky and hard to maneuver ottoman.

Meghan Shampoo Unit

Another nice chair shampoo unit chair that offer a Foot Rest below. Often, reclining chairs are only seen on high-end Barber Chairs for Sale, however, you can extend their comfort once again, with footrest Shampoo Chairs. It adds that little extra comfort level for the clients, allowing them to relax more while they have their hair shampooed.

 Nia Shampoo Unit

Nia Shampoo Unit

Eclectic Style

Eclectic styling is in trend across the interior design world. This can include any design that takes inspiration from multiple different design types. Often these pieces are quite unique looking. Eclectic shampoo chairs will add a memorable feel to your salon, which is why such chairs are now being displayed in salons! 

Alison Shampoo Unit

Alison Shampoo Unit

Eclectic styling and spacious. That's what you will find in this shampoo chair. It looks very unique, inviting clients itself to come and want to sit on it. It also features plush, but durable seating, with an extra wide base that accommodates clients of all types to be able to sit and relax while they have their hair conditioned and shampooed. 

These Shampoo Units will all add something extra to your salon, leaving clients with a memorable and unique experience that they will remember, helping them return again and again. 

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