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April Salon Colour Bar Shampoo Station SS-1109

The April Color Bar is a functional and stylish solution for any salon! This station features a durable sink, ample

Chelsea Shampoo Unit SS3044

The Chelsea Shampoo Unit is an instant classic. Featuring durable black upholstery, and a small but functional profile. This chair

Nia Shampoo Unit SS3017

The Nia Shampoo Unit is a simple stunner. Featuring a lifting foot rest, it will ensure your client’s comfort. Expertly

Dustin Shampoo Unit SS3020

The Dustin Shampoo Unit is a stylish choice. This shampoo chair features a chrome and black look, finished with high

Bradley Shampoo Unit SS7012

The Bradley Shampoo Unit is a no frills, classic option. This chair is made for heavy use. It comes in

Alison Shampoo Unit SS3027

The Alison Shampoo Unit is a unique choice. The shampoo chair offers a high grade upholstery, finished in a contrast

Jacob Electric Shampoo Unit with Massage SS711299

The Jacob Electric Shampoo Unit is perfect for top salons. The chair on this shampoo unit offers massage capabilities, and

Meghan Shampoo Unit SS3019

The Meghan Shampoo Unit is made for comfort. It offers a stylish design, and practicality. It also offers a leg