Our manicure nail tables are the solution to some of the most desired salon services today – manicures! The manicure nail table makes all the difference in the quality of service, these manicure tables are hand selected for style and sturdiness. They will fit a wide range of salons, and some even come with vacuum systems installed. Sapphire Salon Furnishing’s Manicure Tables have satisfied countless Canadian companies, make yours one of them too! Contact us today for more information!

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Austin Manicure Table SS-55

The Austin nail table comes with 2 drawers, a section for nail equipment, and a display stand for your most

Newport Manicure Table – B SS160

The Newport manicure table features 4 drawers, and 3 inner shelves. It comes with a beautiful glass table top. The

Rhode Manicure Table A SS162

The Rhode manicure table comes with a lot of storage space, and space for a nail exhaust fan (comes included). This

Hampton Manicure Table With Display-A SS151 (Backorder)

The Hampton is a beautiful manicure table with a sturdy and attractive polish display. 4 cabinet spaces, arm rest, and