What is a Vacuum Breaker for Shampoo Bowls? Difference Between Inline and Top Mount Breakers.

Top Mount Vacuum Breaker

Vacuum Breakers for Shampoo Units are a common item you must take into account while purchasing shampoo chairs, or updating your existing shampoo units for your salon or barber shop. You might have heard of a vacuum breaker, and might be wondering what exactly a vacuum breaker is, and why there are multiple types. 

Well, put simply, a vacuum breaker simply keeps the dirty water out of the fresh water in your shampoo unit, and prevents contaminated water from entering the municipal or city water line as well. 

Some cities deem it to be a necessity, and even if your locality does not, it is always a wise thing to have it installed for safety. 

Vacuum breakers come in 2 basic types. A top mount vacuum breaker, and an inline vacuum breaker. 

As it might sound like, the top mount breaker goes on top of the sink, often right next to the hose. The inline breaker, on the other hand, goes underneath, as a connection bit between the faucet line to the hose. 

They both essentially perform the same function, and each salon has its own preferences. However, top-mount vacuum breakers require that the sink come with the existing mounting holes in place, or require the owner to have new insertion points drilled out. Often this is not possible due to the nature of the bowls shape. 

This is where inline breakers come in handy, since they go underneath, they can connect to almost any type of shampoo sink, allowing you to install the much needed vacuum breaker regardless of your shampoo bowl design. The inline breakers are often lesser in price too, as compared to top-mount breakers.  

So keep these in mind, as you search for your new shampoo units and basins, as the vacuum breaker can be an important piece, it is important to get it right.