Let us help you find a great barber chair suited for your needs, and one that will have your clients coming back again. We have hand-select stylish and high quality chairs, and offer them to you at wholesale prices. These Barber Chairs are a great choice for your salon, barber shop, school or anywhere you else you need them as well. Our Barber Chairs have satisfied countless Canadian companies, make yours one of them too! Contact us today for more information!

Amelia Appliance Trolley

This appliance trolley offers an elegant storage solution for any salon or barbershop. Featuring a sliding door lower compartment, with

Caesar Currant Barber Chair S-9138C

The ever popular Caesar Barber Chair now comes in Red!   This handsome chair features a mix of contemporary style

Carmen Barber Chair S-9148G

This handsome chair features old world looks with modern comfort. We have taken inspiration from a variety of historical antique

Eloise Hybrid Barber Chair

New for F/W 2021, the Eloise Hybrid Barber Chair complements our popular Cora Styling Chair. This chair features the sleek

Katya Hybrid Barber Chair S-9225

The Katya Barber Chair offers the best of both worlds, it has the height, comfort and utility of a normal

Oliver Barber Chair S-9147

The Oliver Barber Chair is based upon the looks of classic and antique Barber Chairs that were featured across high end barbershops of the past. We have refined the design to reflect the very best of the antique chairs, and updated it with modern comfort. The Oliver chair features beautiful soft and supple leatherette upholstery set upon a chair in beautiful satin metal structure, along with an enameled type white finish.

Braydon Barber Chair SS9130-S

The Braydon Barber Chair is beautifully appointed with thick upholstery in a stunning black finish. With its timeless aesthetic, this

Jayden Barber Chair SS407-C

The Jayden Barber Chair is a Red beauty. Offering an attractive red tone, top grade upholstery, this chair is made

Bryan Barber Chair SS406-C

The Bryan barber chair is a sturdy classic. This is the barber chair for those looking for high comfort and

Matt Barber Chair SS9129A-S

The Matt Barber Chair is a great option for those looking for a sturdy but stylish barber chair. It features

Jamie Barber Chair SS9142-S

The Jamie Barber Chair is a classic! This chair has it all, style, comfort and personality. It will be the

Timothy Barber Chair SS9145-S

The Timothy barber chair features a modern take on a classic barber chair. It offers stylish diamond stitched upholstery in